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Ignition Maintenance

Ignition maintenance is very simple on 2.3Ts. Unless you're an ignition expert and experienced racer, the stock components are always what you want. People naturally want to try whatever is out there, and more power to them, but so far stock has always turned out best. Whenever your car isn't running quite right, especially at high boost or high RPM only, get some new Motorcraft plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, TFI module, voltage regulator, or factory remanufactured alternator as needed, and the problem will almost always go away. If you decide to be cheap and buy aftermarket from your local parts store, don't be surprised if the problem is still there, or even worse. You still can't be sure it's not the part you just replaced, because many list members have found the brand new aftermarket parts to be even worse than their old worn out Motorcraft parts. Usually just plugs and/or wires will take care of the problem, and the parts numbers for what you want are:
  • AWSF32C Motorcraft spark plugs (gapped between 30 and 35 thousandths).
  • E8PZ-12259-A Motorcraft spart plug wires


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