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Swapping Computers

We currently don't have any pictures, but your computer should be located behind the plastic panel next to the passenger's right foot. The computer is held in place by a thin flexible plastic frame that holds the computer, but is not part of it. With the removal of one screw this frame can be bent away from the computer, and it can be slid downward and into the passenger footwell. The wiring connector is held on by a single bolt that goes through the connector into the computer's socket. Removing this bolt allows the computer to separate from the wiring connector, and be removed from the car. Installation is simply the reverse, accomplished by bolting the wiring connector back onto the computer, sliding it up into it's factory location, and using the screw through the plastic frame/holder to secure it into position. While the computer was out, some of the wiring higher up in the cavity which holds the computer may shift. If this happens, you may have to wiggle the computer around a little as you're putting it into position in order to wiggle the wires out of its way. Reinstall the kick panel, and you're back on the road. You may want to start the car before you put the panel back in place just to be sure the connections are all good.


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